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Automatic identification system
AIS 200

AIS 200 Automatic identification system transponder and control unit

A technical solution that enables the identification of other vessels and navaids fitted with VHF based AIS technology. This can be viewed either on a stand-alone display or on the ship's electronic chart and / or radar. The ability to view and identify all vessels and their courses and speed, is a major contribution towards safer navigation for the maritime community. The AIS 200 is tested according to relevant Inland Waterways (IWW) navigation standards and is approved for use on IWW.

GPS Position Interface

The vessel's primary GPS receiver needs to be interfaced with the AIS and is used as the main positioning source. However, the AIS 200 also incorporates an "all-in-view" GPS receiver which will be used as backup for the primary GPS receiver, and as timing source for the SOTDMA (Self Organised Time Division Multiple Access) protocol.

Heading Interface

Vessel heading as derived from the gyro compass needs to be interfaced to the AIS. This may require a gyro converter if the heading output from the gyro compass is a stepper or synchro signal and not a serial line signal which uses the NMEA data protocol for data exchange.

Easy installation

The remotely installed AIS mobile station with separate display provides a simple installation solution, saving time and money.

AIS Minimum Keyboard Display

The AIS 200 MKD with a 4 line display is delivered as standard.

VHF data communication

Dedicated VHF frequencies are used for AIS data communication and the range is dependent on the height of the VHF antenna. In order to avoid interference with the ship’s VHF voice communication, the AIS VHF antenna shall be installed in accordance with IMO requirements. As the SOTDMA pro­tocol, which utilises time-slots for transmission and reception of data is being used, an almost unlimited number of users may operate on the system at the same time without causing interference problems.

Chart, Radar and other Interfaces

AIS can be interfaced to electronic charts or radar provided that the AIS interface is supported. When interfacing AIS to radar and chart systems, AIS target information as position, heading course and speed are available to the mariner and increase reliability of received navigation data from other vessels. The AIS 200 can also be interfaced to the vessels Gyro or THD.