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K-Sim Lift
Available crane simulator platforms.

Kongsberg GlobalSim Crane simulators

Kongsberg GlobalSim is the leading manufacturer of crane simulators in the world. We offer a wide range of simulators, from versatile desktop systems, to full motion platforms - including some of the largest crane simulators ever built. With over 180 installations across the globe, we have highly experienced R&D, engineering, account management and support teams committed to designing, manufacturing, installing, and supporting crane simulators.

Crane Models

Why Kongsberg GlobalSim?

Long recognized as the worldwide leader in crane simulation, Kongsberg GlobalSim has installed crane training simulators in over 180 locations across the globe. We offer a full spectrum of crane simulators, from some of the largest on the planet, to portable simulators that can fit on a desktop. Our high fidelity systems are known for their super realistic graphics and visuals, superb motion technology, scenario generation tool, student database, and easy-to-use software interface. Learn More

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