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Kongsberg Maritime history

Key events in the history of Kongsberg Maritime


Time since KONGSBERG was established:



KONGSBERG 200-year logoKONGSBERG celebrated 200 years in business on March 20th. Two centuries of achievement, innovation and transformation – fuelling a journey from a small munitions business to a pioneering global technology provider.


Kongsberg Maritime acquires Embient GmbH, an independent provider of engineered services, and state-of-the-art equipment and solutions to the marine, science and engineering sectors.
 Kongsberg Maritime obtains the rights to commercialize Seaglider™ Technology.  Seaglider™ is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) system that rather than using a propeller to move through the water, uses fixed wings and changes in buoyancy to achieve both vertical and forward motion.


Kongsberg Maritime acquires Jotron Consultas.  Consultas delivers loading computer to the maritime sector and onboard maintenance, spare parts/inventory control, budget control, payroll systems and ship-to-shore data communication systems.


Kongsberg Maritime acquires Evotec AS.  Evotec develops and delivers marine technology handling systems to market segments like seismic, offshore supply and subsea. Within these niches, Evotec AS has developed systems which have led them to be one of the leading suppliers in the market.


Kongsberg Maritime acquires Metasystems AS. MetaSystems AS develops Intelligent Electronic Applications in terms of software, sensors and instruments for the maritime and land based industries, with the goal of increasing customers' profitability through optimal and safe operations.
 Kongsberg Maritime becomes the majority owner of Lodic AS a manufacturer of software for hydrostatics and stability calculations for ships and floating offshore structures.
 Kongsberg Maritime acquires the UK based GeoAcoustics, a world-leading manufacturer of sonar seabed survey equipment.
 Kongsberg Maritime and Zhenjiang Marine Electrical Appliances form joint venture. The new company, Kongsberg Maritime China Zhenjiang Ltd., is focused on the delivery of electrical control & distribution units to the marine industry.
  Kongsberg Maritime acquires the USA based GlobalSim, a company with comprehensive simulation experience. Their main products are crane simulators.


Kongsberg Maritime acquires the USA based Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) company Hydroid, an important manufacturer of compact and light weigth AUVs.


The yachting segment was sold so that the maritime segment could concentrate on industrial markets.


Kongsberg Simrad, Kongsberg Maritime Ship Systems and Simrad are merged to form one of the world's largest suppliers of maritime electronics: Kongsberg Maritime.


Kongsberg Simrad AS and ABB AS entered a worldwide co-operation agreement. Transfer of ABB's business related to dynamic positioning to Kongsberg Maritime.
  Kongsberg Simrad purchases 62% of Seaflex, a specialist company within offshore riser technology.


Kongsberg Simrad acquires KonMap Maritime Systems AS, known for its mapping and marine operation support systems.


Kongsberg Maritime acquires Navia ASA including the Seatex and Autronica product lines.


Kongsberg Maritime is formed, consisting of the companies: Kongsberg Simrad, Kongsberg Norcontrol, Kongsberg Norcontrol Simulation and Simrad.


Kongsberg Simrad introduces the SDP and the new IAS-Integrated Automation System concept in the market.
Kongsberg Gruppen (previously Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk) acquires Simrad ASA.
Simrad acquires Mesotech a Canadian manufacturer of underwater acoustic equipment.
The first prototype autonomous underwater vehicle, HUGIN was demonstrated to Statoil.


Kongsberg Maritime was established as a separate business area. The company changed its name to Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG).


Acquires Norcontrol AS a manufacturer of vessel and vessel traffic systems and simulators.


All civilian business activities within Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk are sold. Kongsberg Albatross is sold to Simrad and re-named Simrad Albatross


Kongsberg Albatross AS is established as a separate company, fully owned by Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk


Kongsberg Albatross becomes part of the Maritime Division of Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk.


The two first radar navigation simulators were delivered to Tromsø, Norway and Kalmar, Sweden.


The first engine room simulator was delivered to Trondheim, Norway.


Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk founds Kongsberg Albatross to develop and deliver Dynamic Positioning systems. The company achieves its first sale this year.


The first DataChief computerized alarm, monitoring and control system for ships.


Worlds first computerized radar/ARPA system delivered to the M/S Taimyr.


Norcontrol was founded 1. April. The first product was a main engine remote control system for diesel driven ships.


The first Autronica fire alarm system was ready.


Autronica was founded 6. September. The first product was a local radio tuner for tape recorders.


The first echo sounder for the commercial fishing fleet came on the market.


Simonsen Radio, later Simrad was founded 31. December. The first product was a radio telephone for the fishing fleet. Our first maritime electronics activity.



This was a defining year for Norway. The nation penned its constitution - a crucial step towards independence - and the Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, one of the country´s first industrialised factories, was established on 20. March this year.
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