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Side-scan sonars

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We offer the following easy to use, cost effective Side-scan sonars:

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PulSAR - Side Scan Sonar

The PulSAR Side-Scan Sonar acquires high resolution acoustic images of the seabed by using a rugged tow fish that can be easily operated with a water protected deck unit and small cable hand reel.

To Analogue Dual Frequency Side-scan Sonar information 

Analogue Dual Frequency Side-scan Sonar

This Dual Frequency Side-scan Sonar has become an industry standard, being the world's best selling professional system, with about 1000 systems sold. It offers unparalleled reliability, flexibility, ease of use and maintenance and is also extremely cost effective.

To DeepTow 2000 information 

Combined Side-scan & Sub Bottom Profiler

The modular DeepTow 2000 system can include any combination of data from dual frequency Side-scan sonar, Chirp profiler, magnetometer, towfish tracking and towfish pitch, roll, heading and depth.


Synthetic aperture sonar

Synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) is a form of sonar in which sophisticated post-processing of sonar data is used to produce a very narrow effective beam.

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