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Marine electronic logbooks, K-Log

K-Log electronic logbooks

Purpose of electronic logbooks

K-Log electronic logbooks are an electronic alternative to record key navigation, engine watch, port calls and other operational activities onboard vessels of all sizes. Our logbooks meet the specific reporting requirements of IMO, SOLAS and flag states. Ship's officers are given an easy way to log all activities onboard according to the requirements of the different recipients of the information. Manually inserted information is automatically combined with data recorded from the vessel's instruments such as time and position.

Available electronic logbooks

Our K-Log electronic logbooks are available for all vessel types. Currently the following electronic logbooks are available:

  • Deck Logbook – Records navigational events related to the voyage and operations onboard
  • Dynamic Positioning Logbook – Manual recording of operations related to DP operations
  • Engine Logbook – Records engine events related to the engine and machinery operation
  • Oil Record Book Part I – Records events related to oil and dirty water as required by IMO's MARPOL convention
  • Operational Log – Records events related to vessel operation, i.e. performance, cargo handling and maritime operations. The Operational Log will typically need some customisation to owner’s requirement and trade.
  • Radio Logbook – Records events relevant to radio traffic as required by IMO and the flag states
  • Garbage Logbook – Records events relevant to disposal and incineration of garbage.

Customer benefits of electronic logbooks

Improved quality - focus on tasks

  • Reduced workload for officers on watch
  • Efficient and trouble-free logging
  • More efficient information exchange

Routines made easier

  • One time entry of data, single point of storage
  • Simplified reporting routines
  • Automatic logging of available technical data
  • Data available in ship owner’s office

Reduced cost

  • Reduced communication cost
  • Time saving data collecting and reporting

Efficient ship operations

  • Reporting to shore and/or third parties
  • Data analysis tools for more efficient vessel operations
  • Online data archive for decisions support
  • Data export to other systems
  • Provides evidence in case of disputes

Flag state acceptance

K-Log electronic logbooks are accepted by Norway (NOR/NIS), Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom (MCA), Bahamas, Panama, Singapore, Isle of Man, Marshall Islands, Malta and The Netherlands.

Our K-Log electronic logbooks are a forward looking system that helps ship's officers, the operators ashore and the authorities to become more efficient in their everyday operations.

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