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Maritime malware protection, K-IMS

Marine malware protection

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K-IMS Malware Protection is designed to work in a maritime environment. Viruses can cause serious damage and downtime for vessels. Updated Malware Protection is vital to ensure safe and efficient operations. With K-IMS Malware Protection, KONGSBERG has redefined control system antivirus protection.

Key features

  • No scan engine interacting with critical control systems equipment
  • Always updated antivirus definition files
  • Network protection, securing critical networks
  • USB protection

Key functions

  • Network security - protects process equipment
  • USB-security and scanning
  • Only validated USB units are mounted on operator stations
  • Automatic updates of pattern files
  • Supports low band with high latency satellite connections
  • Alarms and notifications through SNMP
  • High availability
  • Portable updated scan engine

Malware scanning

  • Realtime malware scanning of network traffic
  • Automatic outbreak prevention and damage control
  • Malware source detection and isolation
  • Proactive protection with SandBox, DNA Matching and Exploit Detection Engines inside
  • Automatic scan engine and signature update

Other features

  • Customizable content/URI blocking
  • Multi-tiered traffic blocking or exclusion based on IP-address, MAC-address or VLAN ID
  • Supports SNMP-based management systems
  • Multithreaded application with multi-CPU support

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