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Hydroacoustic Position Reference - HPR


The different HPR models are no longer being delivered. Please see HiPAP xx2 models.

Short, long and super short baseline

Typical application for a Hydroacoustic Position Reference system.

Our Hydroacoustic Position Reference - HPR systems are designed for underwater navigation. They are based on short, long and super short baseline principles or a combination of these. The HPR 400 family consists of the models described below:

HPR 406 - short base line

HPR 406 is a Short Base Line - SBL system with three to four hull mounted transducers. Capable of positioning subsea transponders.

HPR 408 - long base line

HPR 408 is a Long Base Line - LBL system for very accurate positioning within a transponder array. Different beam-forming transducers are available. The position calculation is based on range measurements to three or more transponders. An automatic calibrated transponder array provides typical range accuracy down to a few centimetres, while ROV and vessel positions can be calculated within a few decimetres.

HPR 410 - super short base line

HPR 410 is an Super Short Base Line -SSBL system with possibilities to interface different types of transducers with beam-forming technique for optimum performance in difficult and noisy environments. As the world leader in accuracy, the system has become an industry standard in the offshore industry.

HPR 418 - combination system

HPR 418 is a powerful underwater positioning system, capable of solving most underwater positioning applications. The system is a combination of the HPR 408 and HPR 410, and can operate in SSBL, LBL and combined SSBL/LBL modes.