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SIS - Seafloor Information System

SIS screenshot
Seafloor Information System data example.

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Multibeam echo sounder software

Our Seafloor Information System (SIS) is a real time software application designed as the user interface and real time data processing system for our hydrographic instruments.

Efficient survey

The main task of SIS is to be a logical and user friendly interface for the surveyor, providing the functionality needed for running a survey efficiently. A major improvement over previous survey software is the built-in functionality for cleaning of bathymetric data.

Options to SIS

Multibeam echo sounder support

Licensed multibeam support gives access to:

  • More QA views for the multibeam data
  • System calibration
  • Visualisation of high resolution seabed backscatter data
  • Plotting of survey results with full plotter resolution
  • Support for remote helmsman's display, connected via Ethernet

System Information

  • Operating systems supported: Windows XP and Windows 7 64-bits
  • Hardware supported: HWS 11 or equivalent, 1 or 2 displays
  • License control: By dongle connected to the USB port

Echo sounders supported

  • EM 122 multibeam echo sounder
  • EM 302 multibeam echo sounder
  • EM 710 multibeam echo sounder
  • EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder
  • EM 2040 Compact multibeam echo sounder

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