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About us - Kongsberg Maritime Contros GmbH


Kongsberg Maritime Contros GmbH, located in Kiel and Hamburg, Germany specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of subsea gas measurement and environmental monitoring systems.

Our aim here at Contros is to sustain the strength - to continue to develop leading edge technologies dedicated to subsea environmental monitoring tasks.


Kongsberg Maritime Contros brings together the very latest expertise from the scientific forefront with industry proven concepts and latest available technologies. This demanding task requires a team of specialists with a strong sense of mutual commitment. We currently employ a staff of 19 - Engineers, geoscientists, chemists and physicist, complemented by an experienced management team with more than 30 years of industry proficiency.


We at Kongsberg Maritime Contros aspire to maintain leadership in our market, we treat our clients as partner and our highest priority is to continue to serve you with the best available technology and people.

Fields of Business

  • Subsea Sensor Development, Production and Marketing
  • Sensor Systems dedicated to:
    • Ocean Acidification / Greenhouse Gas Monitoring
    • Carbonate System Chemistry Research
    • Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) – Monitoring, Measurement and Verification
    • Hydrocarbon Early Leak Detection Systems - Monitoring, Measurement and Verification at subsea structures and pipelines
    • Methane Hydrate Exploration & Research
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Limnology and Inland Waters
    • Aquaculture / Fish Farming
    • Industrial Development Projects
    • Lake Gas Extraction Systems / Process Monitoring

Product portfolio

  • CONTROS HydroFIA TA - Analyzer for total alkalinity in seawater
  • CONTROS HydroFIA pH – Analyzer for pH value in water
  • CONTROS HydroFlash O2 - Accurate, fast and versatile oxygen optode
  • CONTROS HydroC CH4 - Accurate, long-term stable methane sensor
  • CONTROS HydroC CH4 FT – Accurate and versatile methane flow-through sensor
  • CONTROS HydroC CO2 FT - Accurate, fast and versatile p CO2 flow-through sensor
  • CONTROS HydroC CO2 - Highly accurate underwater p CO2 sensor
  • CONTROS MELDS – Mobile Early Leak Detection System
  • CONTROS Sensor Systems – DPU based Monitoring Solutions

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