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HAIN - Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Navigation

HAIN principle

HAIN - Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Navigation, is a combination of Acoustic and Inertial positioning principles. Combining these principles is ideal for precise positioning, since they have complementary qualities. Acoustic positioning is characterised by relatively high and evenly distributed noise and no drift in the position, whilst Inertial positioning has very low short-term noise and relatively large position drift over time.

Two different models

We currently offer two different HAIN Hydroacousticly aided inertial navigation systems. Select system as indicated below:

HAIN Subsea

Intended for the following applications:

  • ROV - Remote Operated Vehicles
  • Other underwater cable-connected units
  • AUV - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • To HAIN Subsea information

HAIN Reference

Intended for the following application: