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Marine robotics

It's all about the data

23. August 2017 by Richard Mills

It really is all about the data. I have been working with AUVs for almost a decade now, and the one element that has remained constant in that time is: it is all about the data. We as an industry have tended to concentrate on the name, colour, depth rating and endurance of the marine robotics ...

Marine robotics

How Autonomous is a HUGIN AUV?

16. August 2017 by Richard Mills

This week I was reminded of an old rumour that has floated about the industry for many years. It concerns the ability of HUGIN to operate autonomously. There is a misconception that HUGIN AUVs only work if they are followed around with an expensive ship.

Translating Technology

Keep it Fresh

9. August 2017 by Nick Burchill

Last week, during a telephone conversation, a colleague jokingly compared selling technology to selling potatoes. He implied that the two had nothing in common. The more I thought about this, the more I became convinced that the humble tuber might have a few valuable marketing lessons to teach ...