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Heidrun field development

Heidrun field  - Click to enlarge picture

The Heidrun platform is the world's first concrete Tension Leg Platform (TLP), and represents a significant step forward in deepwater production technology. The physical dimensions are massive:

  • Water depth, 350 m
  • Deck dimension, 150 x 80 m
  • Accommodations, 350 persons
  • Topside weight, 63.000 tons (operating)

Production capacity

  • Oil: 220.000 barrels/day
  • Gas: 5 million m3/day

Injection capacity

  • Gas: 4 million m3/day
  • Water: 330.000 barrels/day


Heidrun rig - Click to enlarge picture

The Heidrun field, including the TLP, the subsea foundation templates and the three offshore loading vessels are equipped with systems from Kongsberg Maritime. The products and services are an important part of the oil & gas field. Kongsberg Maritime will for the lifetime of the platform service, modify, maintain and grow with this giant installed base.

TLP process and safety system applications

  • Power management
  • Turbine-driven generators
  • Auxiliary generators
  • Turbine-driven compressors
  • Electrically-driven compressors
  • Ballast Utility control
  • Wellhead control
  • Drilling control
  • Oil & Gas separation
  • Fire & Gas detection
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Process Shutdown

Subsea foundation template equipment

  • Pressure sensors
  • Differential pressure sensors
  • Echo sounders
  • Cameras with remote control
  • Gyro compass, 8 Inclinometers
  • 8 Draught sensors
  • Hydraulic Actuator control interface
  • Subsea cables, connectors and junction boxes

Offshore loading vessel integrated control systems (3 off)

  • Dynamic positioning system
  • Thruster control system
  • Vessel management system