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Escort Ltd.

Szczecin,  Poland

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Grudziadzka 3
70-103 Szczecin


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Escort Ltd. office

Phone: +48 914310400

Email: escort@escort.com.pl

+48 502273990

Contact person

Arek Markowski


Acoustic control systems
Acoustic Positioning Systems
Acoustic Telemetry Systems
Autonomous underwater vehicles - Hugin
Autonomous underwater vehicles - Munin
Echosounder - multibeam
Echosounder - single-beam
Hydrographic systems
Sonar - multibeam and scanning
Sonar - naval
Sonar - sidescan
Sonar - single-beam
Subbottom profiler
Underwater Inspection Systems
Underwater security
Underwater Search and Recovery Systems
Underwater Vehicle Instrumentation

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Phone: +48 914310418

Email: escort@escort.com.pl

+48 697720399

Contact person

Slawomir Lubek

Supported products

AUV - Hugin
Echo sounders

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