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Kongsberg Maritime AS - Merchant Marine

Horten,  Norway

Contact information

Phone: +47 81 57 37 00

Office hours

Mon - Fri, 8:00 - 16:00
Local time:  


Bekkajordet 8A
NO-3189 Horten

Mailing address

P.O.Box 1009, NO-3194 Horten, Norway


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In charge

Morten Hasås, Executive Vice President, Merchant Marine

VAT number


Kongsberg Maritime - Merchant Marine office

Phone: +47 33 03 24 07

Email: km.support@kongsberg.com

Contact person

Kim Thomassen

Supported products

Marine automation system - DataChief
Marine automation system - K-Chief
Ship information systems
Thruster Control Systems
Voyage data recorder
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