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Setting to work

This chapter is used in the following manuals:

This chapter provides all the procedure required to power up the system for the first time, and do the relevant configuration and testing. The procedures provided in this chapter are normally the last procedures in the installation manual.

It is assumed that the physical installation of the product (with all relevant units) has been finalized, and that all cable and connector tasks have been finished. Tests that are made can for all practical purposes be the harbour acceptance test and/or the sea acceptance test, or a subset of these.

TIP: “Best practice” suggests that the final connection to AC mains is not done until one of the procedures in this chapter specifies it.

TIP: The information in the separate documents provided for Harbour and Sea Acceptance tests can often be reused in this chapter.

The sections in the chapter must be organized in such a manner that the entire chapter forms a complete procedure. For this reason, it is important that the chapter introduction notifies the reader that the information and tasks must be read and done sequentially.

Structure and section titles

Due to the diversity of the Kongsberg Maritime products, a fixed chapter structure with defined section names has not been defined. However, the topics should include:

  1. Preparations

    The section holds one or more procedures to define and explain all relevant preparations for initial power-on. This may for example include inspections of the physical installation, the cables and the connections.

  2. Initial power-on procedure

    The section holds one or more procedures to define and explain how the product is connected to the AC mains and powered up for the first time.

  3. Configuration and/or alignment procedures

    The section holds one or more procedures to define and explain how the product is set up, configured and aligned for operational use.

  4. Functional and/or operational tests

    The section holds one or more procedures for functional and operational tests. For many products, these are the same – or very similar – tests as those used for the harbour and sea acceptance tests.

  5. Backup procedures

    If relevant, procedures for software backup is provided. This may be useful if the product has been subjected to extensive configuration and/or alignment.

  6. Report forms

    If relevant, forms for test and/or alignment results are provided. Forms are useful if we wish to register the results from the installation.

For practical purposes, key procedures may be organized in separate sections. Due to the sequential organisation of the information in this chapter, this may even be a necessity, if – for example – tests are required both before and after alignment.


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