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Chapter specification - Getting started

This chapter is intended for the amateurs, occasional and basic operators. It must include a power on/off procedures, basic description of the operational principles, and procedures related to basic operation. It must also provide a section describing the main parts of the product’s visual presentation.

It is assumed that the product is readily installed, and operating normally.

In the Quick start guide, this is the only chapter to provide procedures. It is therefore important that the instructions provided fulfil the requirements for procedures for power on/off and common everyday operation.

Target groups would include new and casual users, for example new employees.

Structure and section titles

The following sections are used. In order to provide consistent documentation, the sections in this chapter must use the names listed, and in this specific order.

  1. Power on/off procedures

    This section offers basic procedure to power, power on, and restart (if applicable).

  2. Operational principles

    This section offers an overall description of the basic means of operation; mouse, keyboard, operating panel, cursor and menu operation etc. References are made to dedicated chapter(s) if large and/or complicated keyboards or operating panels are used.

  3. Starting normal operation

    This section is aimed at the amateurs, occasional and basic operators, for example new employees. It shall provide the most essential procedures required to put the product into normal operational use. It is assumed that the product has been installed correctly, and that is has been switched on. Only the parameters related to normal use shall be covered.

  4. Presentation overview (If applicable)

    This chapter provides a brief description of the key elements used in the visual presentations offered by the product.. References are made to the Display views and Menu system chapters for more detailed descriptions.


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