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Chapter specification - Functions and dialogs

This chapter is used in the following manual:

This chapter is intended for the expert users only. It includes a detailed description of all functions, dialog boxes and special menu buttons, and each and every parameter available.

Note that this is only reference information. The reader does not need to have an in-depth knowledge of these parameters to in order to use the product.

This chapter is only included in the Reference manual. However, it plays a key role in the on-line help, as most Help buttons are located in the dialog boxes described. Each dialog box description must thus be directly accessible in the on-line help file when the user clicks a Help button.


Many products provide a large amount of functions, these are normally accessed as options and/or buttons in a menu system.

It is possible to create a Functions and dialog boxes chapter that presents all these options in alphabetical order. However, experience has shown that this method is unfortunate whenever a book is translated. The options must then be completely rearranged for each language, and that causes a lot of extra work.

“Best practice” is thus to present the options in the same order as they appear in the menu system. If an option is repeated (exists on more than one menu), link(s) are made to the first appearance of the option.

Describing functions and dialog boxes

All functions and dialog boxes are described according to a specific structure.


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