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End user manuals, layout specification

Layout specification

Our user manuals are created using advanced publishing tools. The most common editor is Arbortext XML Editor. To a very limited extent Microsoft Word is also used.

In order to establish a common layout for all user manuals, a dedicated layout specification is provided.

The layout defined for user manuals is simple and straightforward, but certain details have been added to increase readability. Using this template, user manuals from various parts of our organization will have identical appearance, and we will easier be regarded as one company.

The layout is mandatory

The layout defined in this specification is mandatory.

You are not permitted to do any changes to the appearance of the end user manuals, such as changing fonts, colours, page properties etc.

If you wish to make any changes to the layout, contact the Communication Department to file a change request. If your suggestion is accepted, the layout specification will be changed.

Observe the e-mail link on the right side of this page.

Layout specification and templates

The necessary style sheet for XML publishing is handled and distributed by the documentation community. Any document produced will automatically be published to match the current specification.

When available, a template for Microsoft Word will automatically be distributed within the computer network. It can also be downloaded from this site.

The layout specification can be downloaded. Locate the following PDF file:


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