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Logo misuse

Illegal uses of the KONGSBERG logo


To maintain the integrity of the KONGSBERG logo, and to promote the consistency of the brand, it is important to use the logo as described in these guidelines. The examples shown here illustrate possible misuses of the KONGSBERG logo that must be avoided.

KONGSBERG has only one main company logo. It is common to all companies within the group. Along with typography and the consistent use of colours, the logo is an essential element of our visual identity program.

Our logo consists of an emblem containing the crown and letter K over the wordmark KONGSBERG. The letter K in the emblem has been designed in accordance with our historical traditions, while the crown has a separate design.

The logo has been entered into the national register of trademarks. It is therefore in fact illegal to alter it in any way.


  1. The KONGSBERG logo is not subject to individual considerations.
  2. You can only use the logo exactly as specified in our visual identity programme.
  3. You are not permitted to change the proportions of the logo, or to add additional names or identifiers below or in connection with the logo. Any change or addition to the logo is under any circumstance not permitted, and is considered a Corporate Offence!
  4. Do not use the logo font for any purpose! It is reserved for the logo!
  5. Never use the monochrome versions of the logo on a colour image – always use one of the two colour versions. The monochrome versions of the logo can be used on monochrome images
  6. Always make sure the contrast between image and logo (emblem and wordmark) is sharp enough for optimal readability of the logo. For optimal contrast and readability, use a colour logo with white wordmark on dark backgrounds, and colour logo with blue wordmark on lighter backgrounds.

Examples of illegal logo variations

Always maintain the logos proportionsDo not change the font, text, colour or any other logo property
The logo must always include the text KONGSBERGAlways maintain the clear space around the logo. Refer to the clear space requirements Do not round the corners of the box
Always maintain the box around the K-emblem part of the logo and the text KONGSBERG belowAlways maintain the box around the K-emblem part of the logo. This was the KONGSBERG 200 year anniversary logo. Usage ended December 31. 2014.

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