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Chapter specification - References

This chapter may be used in the following manuals:

This chapter is only used if the end user manual includes references to other drawings, documents or manuals.

If the manual only contains references to other publications provided for the same product – for example a reference from the operator manual to the installation manual – this chapter is not required.

This chapter can only contain references to publications that the reader is able to obtain. For example, you can not make a reference from a operator or reference manual to a maintenance manual unless you are absolutely certain that this maintenance manual is obtainable for the reader.

In most cases, this chapter should be avoided. In an XML publishing system, consider reusing the relevant information in an appendix instead of placing the external document in a reference list.


The appearance of the reference list shall comply to the “best practices” for academic writing.

References to other drawings, documents and manuals describing the same products are provided in an itemized list with the following information:

  • Six digit registration number (written in brackets)
  • Product
  • Title of document/manual


  • [123456] NN10 Installation manual

It is important that the referenced document revision is not identified. This is necessary to avoid extensive updating requirements whenever a referenced document is revised.

Relevant information about the location of the manuals may be included. This can for example be a link to the website URL from which the document(s) may be downloaded.

References to public documents and manuals are listed alphabetically by authors’s last name in an itemized list. In case of multiple authors, use the same order as shown on the book cover.

  • Author name (written in bold characters)
  • Name of document/book (written in italics)
  • Publisher and date
  • Location of publisher (city)
  • ISBN number

Except after the author’s name, each part of this information string is separated with a comma. See the example.


  • Peters, Mark: Creating references, Publisher 2010, New York, ISBN 1234 5678


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