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Document standards NS5820

This overall description is based on the NS5820 standard from April 1994.

The standard can be purchased from http://www.standard.no.


The following is quoted from the standard:

The standard gives a frame for the extent and presentation of the suitable documentation for equipment deliveries. The standard can be used for all types of equipment, from standard products to package equipment. The standard defines suitable documentation for the different phases of a delivery and includes documentation for:

  • describing and evaluating a bid
  • engineering a plant which the equipment shall be a part of
  • receiving, handling, preserving and installation
  • start, operation and maintenance
  • verifying that the delivery is according to specified requirements

The standard gives an overall description of different types of documents and a way to group these. It describes deliverables at different phases of a delivery.


The NS5820 standard describes how the documentation is a part of the product delivery, and how a document list is used to control individual documents, releases and acceptance. It explains how to create bid and engineering documentation, and how to prepare information for dispatch, receipt, storage and installation.

In chapter General guidelines, it specifies that: “The documentation is part of the delivery. The extent of the documentation shall be limited to that strictly required.”

In chapter Engineering documentation, the NS5820 standard specifies the documents and drawings required for installation.

In chapter User manual, the NS5820 standard states: “The user manual shall, in an organized manner, give the user sufficient information to enable him/her to operate and maintain the equipment in a safe, economical and functionally correct manner in all phases after installation. The user manual shall cover all equipment in the delivery, including sub-supplies delivery. References to drawings shall be given where this is necessary for the understanding of the text. Each volume of the user manual shall have a detailed table of contents and information on how to use the manual. All documents shall be updated to "as-built".”

Finally, the NS5820 standard describes preparation and handling of documentation.

Engineering documentation

The engineering documentation described by NS5820 specifies which information to be included for installation purposes, but the standard does not provide a mandatory or recommended structure. The topics are here listed in the order they appear in the standard.

  1. Data sheets
  2. Calculations, curves and tables
  3. Flow diagrams
  4. Pipes and instrument drawings
  5. Consumption data
  6. Data for health, environment and safety
  7. General arrangement
  8. Foundation drawings
  9. Pipe connections
  10. Block diagrams for measuring and control systems
  11. Termination diagram for external connections
  12. Single line diagram
  13. Instrument index
  14. Installation drawings for instruments
  15. Logic diagram
  16. Loop diagram
  17. Cable list
  18. Functional description
  19. Main equipment list
  20. Circuit diagrams

Annex “A” User manual

The structure of the user manual is provided in Annex A, and follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main data
  3. Technical description
  4. Preparation
  5. Operating instructions
  6. Maintenance
  7. Spare parts list
  8. Drawings and data sheets


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