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General advice

Before making a presentation, please consider the following advice:

  • Make sure the presentation has a uniform look, by using the same graphic style throughout the whole presentation. This will make it easier for the audience to focus on the content.
  • Use bold writing to emphasize words. Avoid italics as it is harder to read
  • Adjust all text to the left
  • Include only one topic per slide
  • Do not include more than six words per line and six lines per slide. Avoid long sentences and too much text
  • Use the active form of the verb
  • Use Spelling and Grammar check
  • Present as simply as possible

Inserting elements

When you wish to insert elements, make sure that you do it the correct way! Experience has shown that:

  • If you wish to insert a photo, use Insert --> Picture -->From file.
  • If you wish to change the size of a photo, you MUST hold down the Shift button when you do so. If not, you will end up with distorted size properties, and this gives a very amateurish look!
  • If you wish to include a video or animation, Insert --> Movie --> From file. If you still wish to link the file in, you must always remember to distribute the movie file with the presentation file, and you must make sure that the link always works!

Printing a presentation

If you encounter problems printing a presentation, make sure the printer is set to colour, even on a black and white printer. This is crucial in order for the white text to be visible on a dark background.

Powerpoint is not made for print. If you need more than one printed copy of your presentation, do not start a print job and ask for multiple copies. Instead, create a PDF version of you presentation, and print the PDF.

Consider the alternative printing features in Powerpoint;

  • Slides (full pages)
  • Handouts (One to nine slides on each page)
  • Notes pages (one slide on each page plus your own lecture notes)
  • Outline view

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