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Chapter specification - Cable layout

This chapter is used in the following manuals:

This chapter shall provide all necessary details about the product cabling. It is intended for the naval architects that are planning the installation, and for the electricians and engineers from the installation shipyard that is doing the practical installation. The chapter is reused in the Maintenance manual to provide the same cabling information to the service engineers.

This chapter is mainly in use on products that are delivered as a “package deal” with defined units that are connected together in the same manner on every installation. Typical examples are Subsea products like sonars and echo sounders.

On large projects, this chapter is provided as a separate book following different standards than those provided here.

Structure and section titles

The following sections are used. In order to provide consistent documentation, the sections in this chapter must use the names listed, and in this specific order.

  • Read this first!

    This section contains generic information related to the cabling principles; cable numbering, drawings provided and cable categories. It also provides relevant safety warnings, and information about classification. The following sentence is normally used:

    All electronic installations and corresponding wiring on a vessel must be in accordance with the vessel's national registry and corresponding maritime authority and/or classification society. If no such guidelines exist, we recommend that Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Report No. 80-P008 «Guidelines for Installation and Proposal for Test of Equipment» is used as a guide.

    The section refers to a common Basic cable requirements chapter or appendix.

  • Cable plan

    This section provides the main illustration(s) specifying the cables used between the system units. Each cable is identified with a number, typically Cx where "x" is an integer. Each system unit is also identified.

    Cables to peripheral devices are indicated.

    For writing rules, see Identifying and documenting cables.

  • List of cables

    This section provides a list of all the cables identified on the cable plan. The information provided for each cable must offer a unique identification of its purpose, and specify if the cable is provided by us.

    When relevant, references are made to a cabling procedure and/or the cable drawing.

    For writing rules, see Identifying and documenting cables.

  • Cable procedures (optional)

    This section contains one specific procedure for each cable to be installed. The section may be omitted if the cabling is simple and straight forward and/or mainly using commercial cables and connections.

    For writing rules, see Identifying and documenting cables.

  • Special interface adapters (optional)

    With some products, we offer commercial interface adapters in the computer(s). If applicable, this section provides information related to connections and configuration of the adapter(s).

  • Cable drawings (optional)

    This section holds relevant drawings used to identify cables, connections and connectors. Such drawings are very important if cables must be manufactured by the installation crew, and/or connections are made using tag blocks or terminals.

    The section may be omitted if only commercial cables and connections are used.

    Optionally, this section can be moved to the end of the manual and provided as an appendix. This may be done if for example very detailed cable procedures are provided.

    For writing rules, see Identifying and documenting cables.


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