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Kongsberg Mesotech product and system training

Kongsberg Mesotech provides comprehensive training delivered on site, at the Kongsberg Mesotech manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Canada or any KONGSBERG facility. The Company also offers assistance with data interpretation and application understanding.

Training courses

Training courses by application include:

  • Search and Recovery
  • Marine Engineering and Site Inspection
  • Underwater Vehicle Instrumentation
  • Surveillance
  • Review courses in all above applications

Scanning sonar tutorials

Click to download tutorials:

  1. Sonar head deployment
  2. MS1000 Data recording
  3. Acoustic incident angles for best positioning
  4. Field transition of a sonar beam
  5. Determining range accuracy of sonar
  6. Using "CHIRP" sonar resolution
  7. MS1000 trackplotter navigation module

More information

For more information on training or support, please contact:

Mark Atherton, Special Projects Manager

Contact us

Contact us