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Our Corporate Story

Corporate story

Our corporate story describes who we are and provides a comprehensive illustration of the corporation, both internally and externally. The story creates a broader perspective for our suppliers and underlines the added value generated by the corporation for its users, customers, stakeholders and society at large.

Extreme Technology

KONGSBERG creates and delivers high-technological solutions for people that operate under very challenging conditions – on the oceans, in the deep subsea, in the defence, in space.

Support in the Extreme

KONGSBERG contributes to improved safety, security and performance in demanding and complex missions. We achieve this through an in-depth knowledge of our customer’s objectives and the needs of the operator, and by meeting their challenges with the right systems, services and technological solutions.

Worldwide Operations

KONGSBERG is an international corporation with strong Norwegian roots. Collaboration with our customers, partners and suppliers, and a commitment to understand the context where our technology is applied, are important driving forces behind the corporation’s inter-national development and growth.

Strong Performance Culture

KONGSBERG is a worldwide knowledge environment and a performance culture. We share knowledge and drive improvements throughout our business, and seek to add value to every customer and in every sector where we operate. All our activities are characterised by integrity and concern for health, safety and the environment.

Strategic Importance

KONGSBERG’s systems, services and products are in the international top league. We have obtained this position from more than 200 years of innovation, hard work and determination. Our solutions increase performance and optimise results in areas that are strategically important worldwide – maritime industry, defence and security, exploration of natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, ? sh stocks, as well as the exploration of space.

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