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Supplier - Environmental policy

Sustainability and environment

Socially responsible

The Group's environmental policy entails that KONGSBERG is a socially responsible corporation with respect for its employees and the communities in which it operates. KONGSBERG will collaborate with suppliers on environmental issues to ensure the most environment-friendly solutions possible in an effort to ensure the Group's products entail as little pollution as possible. For more information about KONGSBERG's environmental policy follow this link.

With respect to its environmental commitments, KONGSBERG requires the following of its suppliers:

Compliance with environmental legislation

KONGSBERG's suppliers shall ensure that their business activities and products comply with the environmental legislation that applies.

Continuous improvement

KONGSBERG's suppliers are expected to create and maintain an efficient system for environmental management that is integrated into their business-related and decision-making processes. This calls for the development of relevant, expedient objectives that will be followed up on a regular basis, forming a platform for continuous improvement.

Access to information

Suppliers are required to provide relevant, accurate environmental data on request. Compliance with these requirements will be important with a view to KONGSBERG's choice of suppliers.