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Using Word templates

Templates are very useful. Not only will they make your work with Microsoft Word easier, they will also provide you with more "professional" documents, and you do not need to toil with details.

What is a template?

A template is a "background file" that contains a predefined layout to be used with a new document. You can recognise the template file by its extension *.dot. A template can contain:

  • Premade text, tables and graphics
  • Styles
  • Tool bars
  • Menu additions
  • Macros
  • Additional intelligence (dialogue boxes etc) to allow for personalised settings

The styles located in the template file allows you to use standard properties on your text. Write a paragraph and click to apply correct font size and appearance, heading level, indented text, bullets etc.

When you use a standard template you will soon find out that you get a lot of help for free, and you do not need to waste time to find the functionality you need. The templates provided for you are designed for our use, and will in most cases contain everything you need.

How to use a template

When you click File -> New Word will list all the templates you have access to. Click to select the template you need, and the new document opens with all the necessary styles, tables and other features that you need. Write you text, and click on styles provided to choose the correct appearance. When the document is finished, save it in the usual manner.

Why use templates?

There are several reasons for using templates:

  • The documents you create will have the same appearance as all other documents generated in the company. This is very important in order to maintain a common branding.
  • It will be easier for you to use Word, and you will save time
  • Documents and the information in them can easier be reused and shared

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