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TRADOS Translate keyword

Translating keyword codes

The source files contain numerous XML codes that must be handled correctly. Some shall be translated, and some not.

Most of the codes appear as two purple rectangles pointing at each other. The code type is identified with text written inside the rectangle. Between the rectangles you may or may not find text.

Keyword codes are used in the source XML file to hold variables. The keywords are specified in the document data (DOCDATA) file, and they shall therefore not be translated when they appear in segments. It is however important that the keyword codes are copied from the source segment to the target language segment.


  1. Observe the segment in the source text.

    If the segment contains one or more keywords, it may look like this:

  2. If the source segment contains keyword(s), use Ctrl-Ins and copy the entire text from the source language to the target language.

    You can also position the cursor in the source segment, right-click and select Copy source to target on the short-cut menu.

  3. Translate the segment while keeping the keyword code in the new segment.
  4. Do not translate the information inside the keyword code.
  5. When the segment has been translated - still with the keyword code in its correct position - press Ctrl-Enter to verify and save the translation.

The Trados software will always fetch existing translations from its translation memory. If this suggested translation contains information coded with a keyword, the code may not be provided. You must then manually copy the code from the source to the target text!


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