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Environmental policy

Kongsberg Maritime's goal is to protect the environment for future generations!

  • We influence the environment through our products, business operation and office operations.
  • We develop products to help our clients' work for a better environment and sustainable society.
  • We develop smart business services, enabling our clients to operate in a sustainable way.
  • We will strive to have business and office operations, throughout the value chain, that positively contribute to a sustainable local environment through less transport, energy consumption and waste.

We achieve this through:

Priority! We apply a risk-based approach when setting priorities. Environmental impact and sustainability shall be vital when prioritizing.

Leadership! We set clear and ambitious goals, competitive edge trough smart and sustainable solutions.

Collaboration! We openly communicate environmental actions and results; we strive to share best practice, and continuously improve our environmental management system.

Compliance! We follow relevant environmental rules and legislations where we operate and in developing our products and solutions.

Commitment! We celebrate and share the success stories!


Kongsberg, February 1st, 2017

Egil Haugsdal