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About Kongsberg Seatex

Kongsberg Seatex is a marine electronics manufacturer with products for precision positioning and motion sensing. Our commitment is to provide quality products and solutions for safe navigation and operations at sea. We provide innovative and reliable precision positioning and motion sensing systems. As part of Kongsberg Maritime we can provide complete ship and offshore systems.

Product areas

Kongsberg Seatex provides the following range of products:

  • Attitude Determination Systems
    Motion Reference Units
    Helideck Monitoring Systems
    High-end solutions for precision positioning
  • Surface Positioning Reference Systems
    Relative positioning
    Absolute positioning
    High end GPS/Glonass solutions
  • Automatic Identification Systems
    AIS - Infrastructure for coastal surveillance
    AIS - Mobile Stations for onboard use
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
    Project oriented development of today’s and future navigation systems

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