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TRADOS Translate codes

Translating stand-alone codes in the source text

The source files contain numerous XML codes that must be handled correctly. Some shall be translated, and some not.

Most of the codes appear as two purple rectangles pointing at each other. The code type is identified with text written inside the rectangle. Between the rectangles you may or may not find text.

Some lines (segments) in the source text may contain an empty code with chainlocks on either side, and with no English text at all. Other segments contain images.


  1. Observe the segment in the source text.

    The segment may contain a stad-alone link to a library file:

    It may also contain an image:

  2. If the segment contains a stand-alone code similar to these two examples, simply ignore it.

    Do not copy the source text to the target language.

    Do not press Ctrl-Enter to confirm any translation.


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