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Chapter specification - Technical specifications

This chapter is used in the following manuals:

This chapter provides relevant specifications and requirements aimed at the targeted reader for each manual. Applicable profiling is recommended.

Structure and section titles

In order to provide consistent documentation, the titles in this chapter must use the names listed, and offer the information in the specified order.

  1. Performance specifications

    This section provides specifications related to the operational qualities of the product.

  2. Weights and outline dimensions

    Applicable links to the Drawing file chapter must be included.

  3. Power specifications

    These are the specifications related to AC and/or DC power supplies.

  4. Environmental specifications

    These are the specifications related to temperatures, humidity, vibration etc.

  5. Minimum computer and display requirements (If applicable)

    If these items are not provided with the product, the end user will need to know the minimum requirements that must be met.


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