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Chapter specification - menu system

This chapter is used in the following manuals:

This chapter is intended for the amateurs, occasional and basic operators. It shall present each and every command on the product’s menu system. This includes all normal menus – independent of their graphical presentation –, as well as secondary and shortcut menus that are provided in the user interface. For each menu command, the purpose of the function shall be provided by reusing the purpose element from the function/dialog description.

Whenever necessary, general descriptions about the menu principles, “smart buttons”, or similar features, are included at the start of the chapter. In reference manuals, insert a page reference to the function or dialog description.


Whenever a menu system is described, we must always use the rules and guidelines defined by the Microsoft Manual of Style.

Structure and section titles

The following sections are used. In order to provide consistent documentation, the sections in this chapter must use the names listed, and in this specific order.

  1. About the menu system (If applicable)

    This section offers basic information about the menu system. This includes relevant descriptions of the menu principles, the use of “smart buttons”, or similar features.

  2. [Menu name]

    Each menu section offers a list of the command provided by the menu, and the purpose of each function. If any of the commands are unavailable in specific modes of operation, this must be emphasized.

  3. Shortcut menus (If applicable)

    Some products provide shortcut menus that open when you click the right mouse button. Shortcut menus are explained in the same manner as all other menus.


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