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The use of images is an important part of Kongsberg Maritime's brand profile. Your image choices have the power to influence a viewer's perception. It is therefore vital to select images that communicate the correct messages in relation to the company profile. It is also important to choose not just product imagery, but also pictures that show the people behind the products.

We must always provide information in an interesting, consistent, correct and confident manner.

Photos shall confirm our values, visualise our brands, and at the same time show how or where a product is used and how our technology works.

A photo always catches attention and plays a decorative role. The use of photos is important for the reader's first impression of the document. The combined use of text, photos and illustrations will help the reader to a better understanding of the context.

Distinctive, well-planned and well-performed photo shoots will also help to confirm KONGSBERG's position as "World Class", and will reflect our high technology products and projects.

In order to meet these photographic standards we define two kinds of photos: Documentary and Profile.

Photos are frequently used in Illustration assemblies. These assemblies combine the use of photos and illustrations into a visual presentation.

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