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Colour specifications

About colours

It is always difficult to reproduce colours correctly and uniformly. Stable colour impressions depend on the material the colours are being reproduced on. This could be matt or glossy paper, on plastic, fabric, metal, brick or wood, or even on a colour display.

The way in which a colour is experienced also depends on how the colour is made; different printing methods, if it is in paint, metal foil, luminous acrylic or neon. What is more, shades of colour are affected by different kinds of light, such as daylight, artificial lighting or a mixed lighting situation.

International colour systems have codes that make it possible to achieve a high degree of colour harmony, regardless of surfaces, materials and lighting conditions. Despite such code systems, the consistent, harmonic reproduction of colours is among the greatest challenges facing the visual identity programme. We encourage everyone who checks the reproduction of colours to exercise good common sense and sound critical judgement, so that our colours will be reproduced as accurately as possible.

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