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About Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.


The UK Headquarters, in Aberdeen, provides sales, rental and service & operations support for the entire range of Kongsberg Maritime products and systems. From within the company's UK operation, Kongsberg Maritime Ltd. provides the global focus for the design and manufacture of a market leading range of underwater and harsh environment camera systems. While camera design and engineering takes place in Aberdeen, the units and systems are manufactured at the company's facility in Wick, Caithness. Overall, 150 employees are based in the UK. Kongsberg Maritime Ltd. operates the following divisions.

Camera Division

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of specialist television and telemetry equipment for harsh environments, and can trace its history back to the birth of the UK North Sea oil industry, in 1975. A recognised global innovator, the company designs and engineers quality camera systems covering the spectrum of available technologies.


  • Military (naval) fleet fit and special applications CCTV systems, used for monitoring, navigation and tactical purposes. The company's specialist underwater TV systems have gained Fleet Weapons Acceptance in relation to their use on Royal Navy submarines
  • Offshore oil exploration and production specialist TV systems used by divers, ROVs and manned submarines. All products are designed and manufactured to withstand the very harsh conditions of the Northern offshore environment. The company has more than 20 years' experience in the supply of traditional guideline and BOP stack mount systems for BOP observation, and guideline-less systems using bombshell, drillstring running and casing clamping tools, for re-entry and stab-in
  • Scientific research TV systems for special research applications, including deep ocean mineral exploration, fisheries and marine biology
  • Yacht TV cameras for use above and below decks on Superyachts and Workboats, for applications such as security, inspection and entertainment

Rental Division

Formed during 1997, the Aberdeen-based Rental Division was established to provide customers with an alternative to equipment purchase. The rental lease pool has increased rapidly in size, resulting in both a comprehensive range of equipment and market-leading resources in key technological equipment areas.

The Rental Division is in the enviable position, with the aid of the Kongsberg Maritime group resources, to supply and support a total rental solution anywhere in the world. The customer base encompasses most offshore areas including oil & gas, telecommunications, scientific research and the military.

Product areas:

  • Video & Camera: Subsea housed cameras, 3000m depth rated, colour, black and white, intensified, low light CCD, pan & tilt, miniature, various lamps, umbilical cables and telemetry systems. Specialist camera solutions on request
  • Acoustic:  Underwater acoustic positioning systems, transponders, sonar systems and a range of multibeam, hydrographic & scientific echosounders
  • Survey: Positioning reference systems, gyrocompasses, GPS heading, motion measurement and oceanographic sensors
  • ROV/Subsea: Underwater acoustic positioning, miniature subsea gyrocompasses, obstacle avoidance sonar, profiling sonar, ROV mount multibeam echosounders and subsea telemetry systems

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