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Chapter specification - Preparations

This chapter is used in the following manual:

The purpose of this chapter is to provide information required for the preparations to be done prior to installation.

Chapter structure and section titles

Due to the different nature of our products, it is not possible to define a generic structure with fixed section names. However, the following topics may be considered.

  1. Drawings

    Who is responsible for which installation drawings?

  2. Necessary tools and instruments

    Which tools and instruments are required to do the installation? Standard tools do not need to be listed, but special tools required must be specified. It is also useful to specify if different lifting apparatus are required.

  3. Worker skills

    It may be useful to specify skill requirements.

  4. Location of units

    When applicable, specify requirements and/or advice for unit locations.

  5. Requirements for equipment rooms

    Specify all relevant requirements for the rooms in which equipment shall be mounted.

    Typical topics are air conditioning and/or heating systems, power, lightning, size and access, cable protection, communication (intercom), bilge pump and decking, and relevant information about the watertight integrity.


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