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End user manual, front page

Front page and spine

The front page on end user manuals shall be identical with respect to layout, page properties and fonts. In order to establish this common appearance throughout the company, a layout specification has been created.

The layout is mandatory

The layout defined in this specification is mandatory.

You are not permitted to do any changes to the appearance of the front page and spines, such as changing fonts, colours, page properties etc.

If you wish to make any changes to the layout, contact the Communication Department to file a change request. If your suggestion is accepted, the layout specification will be changed.

Observe the e-mail link on the right side of this page.

Front page, key parameters

Observe the following key parameters for the front page layout.

  • The blue rectangle, with the size and location of the KONGSBERG logo, is identical to the data sheets
  • The page margins and baseline grid is also identical with the data sheet.
  • The title of the manual, located inside the blue rectangle, is written in Verdana, 22 pt Bold, White.
  • All titles only use a capital letter at the beginning of the first word.
    Example: Operator manual.
  • The area provided for the front page illustration is fixed. It is never expanded, even if the third and fourth lines subtitles are omitted.

Layout specification and templates

A template has been created for Adobe InDesign CS3. The template is provided as an attachment to the layout specification PDF file.


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