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Photos, video and animations

In general, text should be placed to the left and photos and other illustrations to the right. As much as half a slide may be used for photos.

Photos are meant to illustrate a presentation and for this reason it is important that there is a logical connection between image and text.

Chapter photos

In the template you will find a selection of photos to be used as illustrations on a "chapter-slide". There is a selection of photos from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and a selection from Kongsberg Maritime.

Only these photos shall be used.

You are permitted to adjust the physical size if required, but they must always be aligned to the blue title bar, and they must always be aligned to the right margin.

Getting the right size on your photos

When you wish to use a photo in your presentation, make sure that the physical size is suitable for the presentation. Most images from a digital camera are far too big to be used in a presentation, and these need to be scaled down before you insert them into your presentation. Pictures in a presentation do not need a higher resolution than 72 dpi. If your presentation contains large images that have not been scaled down prior to insertion, the presentation may be very large, and maybe even too large to send by e-mail.

If you insert a large picture you can always scale it down. However, make sure that you do not damage the image properties! Hold down the shift button while pulling in one of the image corners. Make sure details are visible even after you have reduced the size.

As a general rule, you shall never scale images to be larger. This will ruin the image resolution.

Animations and videos

There are no animations or videos in the template. It is up to each user to include this. However, moderation is recommended since excessive use might be disturbing.

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