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Property rights

Before you use a photo in any document or web sites - you must make sure that you have the necessary rights to use it. All photographers own the property rights to their photographs. This is regulated by law. You must have the photographer's permission to use the photo before you publish it.

Observe the following guidelines

  • If you buy a photo, either directly from the photographer or through a vendor, make sure that the limitations for use are clearly regulated in a written contract or agreement.
  • If possible, always buy the rights to publish the photo in unlimited documents on all media (this may however be expensive).
  • Do not take a photo from another brochure (even one of our own!) without checking the property rights from whoever made the brochure.
  • Do not use photos downloaded from web sites unless these clearly state that you may do so.
  • Make sure that - whenever requested - the photographer (or photo vendor) is credited. This is usually stated in the written contract or agreement.

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