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Sentry - Marine wireless temperature sensors

Sentry - marine wireless temperature sensors for crank pin/cross-head bearings

For crank pin/cross-head bearings

The Sentry system is a unique marine wireless temperature sensor system for crank pin/crosshead bearings in diesel engines. It replaces the traditional oil mist measuring method.

Crank bearings are prone to damage

Statistics from DNV show that 14% of all damages to medium speed engines are caused by faults to the crank bearing. For high-speed engines the figure increases to 17 %.

Sentry gives immediate temperature response

Crank bearings/crosshead bearings in diesel engines can experience rapid temperature changes during damage development. The Sentry wireless temperature sensor system is designed to give immediate temperature response in order to avoid or reduce damages.

Main features

  • Offers real-time temperature monitoring based on wireless temperature sensor technology. Fast and reliable response from high quality sensors gives a higher level of safety.
  • Replaces oil-mist or other existing systems for temperature monitoring on crank bearings or cross-head bearings. Fast response reduces the risk of engine breakdown.
  • Based on a passive sensor technology. No power consuming components are needed inside the engine. "Self verify" function provides a high level of flexibility and reduced time of installation.
  • Can be integrated into any existing alarm and monitoring system. The signal-processing unit can be mounted directly on the engine. One unit can handle up to 16 measuring points simultaneously.

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