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End user manuals: Special types

The following special manual types are defined by Kongsberg Maritime AS. All end user manuals must be identified with a standard manual title specified on this page, or a standard end user manual title.

Quick reference guide

This is a two-page document created in XML to offer key instructions for small and simple products. The document is printed in colour, and the page is protected using plastic laminate.

  • Target audience: End users without expert skills

Drawing file

Some products or project deliveries require a large amount of mechanical and/or electrical drawings. In these cases, it is practical to offer these drawings as a separate book.

  • Target audience: Depends on the drawings provided.

Depot level manual

Some products or project deliveries require more in-depth and detailed information related to maintenance instructions. This information may for example include circuit diagrams, software code, or detailed setup and/or alignment procedures. Naval organisation will often require this level of information.

  • Target audience: Maintenance engineers


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