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Document structure - Maintenance philosophy

Maintenance philosophy

A maintenance philosophy must exist for all products. The descriptions, procedures and spare parts in the maintenance manual must be based on the chosen philosophy.

In short, this philosophy must answer the following questions:

  • Who will do the preventive maintenance?
  • Who will do the corrective maintenance?
  • What level of skill, education and experience is required by the personnel to do the preventive and corrective maintenance?
  • To which maintenance level will the personnel do repair and/or parts replacement?

Normally, three levels of maintenance are defined:

  1. Organizational level
  2. Intermediate level
  3. Depot level

Organizational level

This level only includes an overall description of the system. The maintenance personnel are only permitted to replace fuses, fans, filters and other expendables, and will only perform the basic preventive maintenance. We do not expect the reader to use any special tools or instruments.

All major repairs must be carried out by the manufacturers or one of our authorized dealers.

Intermediate level

This level includes a relatively detailed description of the product. The manual must include an overall functional and physical block diagram, and also descriptions and block diagrams of the circuit diagrams and modules. The product's built-in test equipment (BITE) system (if applicable) must be explained, and the required maintenance procedures included accordingly. All required cable and interconnection diagrams must be included in the manual.

A list of fault symptoms, troubleshooting flow charts or similar methods for corrective maintenance may be used if possible. However, it is our belief that troubleshooting is best supported by a combination of the product's BITE system and the personnel's general skill and system knowledge.

We expect the reader to be an engineer or technician, and that he/she has the use of multimeters and oscilloscopes. He/she is permitted to carry out off-line tests (BITE and operational specifications), and to replace circuit boards and modules.

Depot level

This level is some times referred to as PCB Documentation . The depot level documentation allows the reader to carry out repairs to the circuit boards and modules.

This maintenance level is normally only implemented for defence deliveries, and then as separate instruction manuals.

We expect the reader to be a skilled and experienced engineer or technician, and that he/she has the use of multimeters and oscilloscopes.


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