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Chapter specification - User interface

This chapter is used in the following manuals:

This chapter is intended for the casual, normal and expert operators.

Several products provide user interface based on a combination of a visual presentation on a display and a dedicated operator panel with specialized buttons.

This chapter provides a detailed overview of the visual information, and how this information is organized. It also explains the various physical buttons on the dedicated operator panel.

Which chapter to choose

You can choose between three different chapter titles to describe the interaction between the user and the product.

  • Display views – the product offers a highly specialized visual presentation, but no dedicated operator panel. The product may use a standard computer keyboard and a mouse, but these items are not explained.

    The chapter thus describes what the user is seeing .

    Typical example products are sonars, echo sounders and catch monitoring systems.

  • Operator panel – the product offers a dedicated keyboard, operator panel, button panel etc, but none or only a very small visual presentation.

    The chapter thus describes what the user is using.

    Typical example products are AutoChief C20 propulsion control systems, Bearing Wear condition monitoring systems, Bridge Watch monitoring systems etc.

  • User interface – the product offers a combination of a dedicated keyboard, operator panel, button panel etc and a more or less a highly specialized visual presentation.

    The chapter thus describes what the user is both seeing and using.

    In some cases the User interface chapter may therefore include Display views and Operator panel as two sections.

    Typical example products are K-Chief 600 automation systems, K-Gauge level gauging systems etc.

Chapter structure and section titles

The following sections are used. In order to provide consistent documentation, the sections in this chapter must use the names listed, and in this specific order.

Topic structure

Structured topics are essential to create modular documentation. By breaking down the information to easily recognizable elements that comply to a defined structure, the elements are easier to locate and reuse in other sections, chapters or books. Makes sure that file names reflect the elements position in the structure.

Recommended structure for the topics in this chapter are:

Each topic is normally provided in a separate section.


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