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Chapter specification - About this manual

About this manual

This chapter is used in the following manuals:

This chapter is the first chapter in all manuals, and it is limited to maximum two pages. It shall not contain any sections, only small headings (bridgeheads) to introduce each topic. The chapter will not provide any introduction to the product, only to the manual itself.

In order to provide consistent documentation, the headings in this chapter must use the names listed, and offer the information in the specified order.

Mandatory headings and topics are:

  1. Purpose of manual

  2. Target audience

  3. Installation instructions (If applicable)

    Offers key instructions related to the procedures and the scope of the descriptions. Only used in installation manuals.

  4. Click “Help” (If applicable)

    Contains information about the context sensitive online help system.

  5. Online information (If applicable)

    Provides reference(s) to product information on Kongsberg Maritime’s or Simrad’s website.

  6. License information (If applicable)

    Explains how to obtain the necessary license(s).

  7. Software version (If applicable)

    Provides the product software version that is described in the manual. Normally only required in reference manuals.

  8. Registered trademarks (If applicable)


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