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Contact info Procurement

Head of Supply Chain & Category Management

Frode Kaland, EVP Supply Chain

Category Management - Indirect Material & Services

Stein Haugstad, Director Purchasing Indirect Material and Services

Purchasing & Logistics – Carpus and Bekkajordet

Guttorm Nicolaysen, VP Logistics

Purchasing – Horten

Hans Jørgen Rånes, Procurement Manager

Purchasing – Integrated Projects

Sturla Digre, Director Project Procurement

Purchasing & Logistics - Grilstad

Arne Otto Flataas, Department Manager Grilstad, Trondheim

Purchasing & Logistics - Kongsberg Seatex

Michael Lyngøy, VP Production and Logistics Kongsberg Seatex, Trondheim

Purchasing & Logistics - China

Shi Xiang Liang, Logistics Manager Kongsberg Maritime China, Shanghai