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Using photos in brochures

The use of images is an important part of Kongsberg Maritime's brand profile. Your image choices have the power to influence a viewer's perception. It is therefore vital to select images that communicate the correct messages in relation to the company profile. It is also important to choose not just product imagery, but also pictures that show the people behind the products.

Front page photos

All brochures of all types shall have photo on the front page. The size and physical localion depends on the brochure type, and these are described in thethe Branding Guidelines PDF-document.

Other photos

Photos inside a brochure can be of any type. You can also use Usage and Situation Assemblies.

All photos to be used in a brochure (including those used in the assemblies) must me qualified by a person given this specific responsibility.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights must be checked before a photo is used in a public document. Refer to Intellectual property rights in the Basic elements section for details.

Buying photos

If necessary, you can buy relevant photos directly from a photographer or a vendor. In this case, observe the guidelines provided for Buying photos in the Basic elements section for details.

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