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Document structure - Quck start guide

Purpose of manual

The purpose of a quick start guide is to provide the end user with the required knowledge to:

  • recognise the product's main components
  • power the product on (and off)
  • understand the principles of operation
  • get started with basic and uncomplicated operation

Before writing can commence, you must know you target group: who will use the manual. If required, the knowledge and experience level of the expected reader may be defined in the chapter “About this manual”. However, it is generally recognized that the quick start guide is primarily intended for new and casual non-expert users, for example new employees.

The quick start guide shall be limited to maximum 40-50 pages, and it shall be provided as an A5 colour booklet.

As a general rule, all the information in the quick start guide is also found in the operator and reference manuals.


This is the standard structure of a quick start guide provided by Kongsberg Maritime AS.

In order to offer consistent documentation, the chapters in this manual must use the names listed, and provide the chapters in the specified order.

  1. About this manual
  2. Introduction
  3. Getting started
  4. Menu system (If applicable)


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