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About Kongsberg GeoAcoustics

Sonar tow fish

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime. We are a leading manufacturer of sonar seabed survey equipment, including shallow water multibeam systems, side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers.


Kongsberg GeoAcoustics was founded in 1978 and has its headquarters in a modern well-equipped factory in Great Yarmouth, UK. In the early 1980's the business was acquired by Ferranti, who at the time were a leading UK defense contractor. In 1991 the business was bought back from Ferranti by way of a management buyout, led by its original founder, before it was acquired in 2008 by Kongsberg Maritime.


Our customer list includes leading commercial survey companies, navies and marine research establishments in over 60 countries.

Product portfolio

  • Shallow Water Multibeam Systems. The market leading phase measuring bathymetric sonar system, with well over 100 systems in operation worldwide installed on large dredging vessels to small survey crafts as well as AUVs and ROVs
  • Side Scan Sonar systems, suitable for use in both shallow and deep water applications – our system are regarded as the industry’s standard, we have provided over 800 units
  • Sub-Bottom Profilers, conventional pinger and chirp profilers suitable for towfish deployment, over-the-side or hull mounting
  • Deep Towed Combined Systems offer a one pass capability where Side Scan Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profiler data is required over the same survey area with optional interfaces to magnetometers
  • Software Applications, for processing bathymetry data and sonar image analysis
  • Acoustic Tracking systems, for mine counter-measure applications
  • Thermal Printers for the display of grey scale images on paper prints

All Kongsberg GeoAcoustics products are designed and manufactured in accordance with a Quality Management System that is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008

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