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Chapter specification - Introduction

The title of the chapter is always the product name.

This chapter shall provide a brief introduction to the product. For support purposes, the chapter must also provide relevant information about the supplier, including contact information for support centres.

In an installation manual, the chapter must include a scope of supply, as well as relevant information about supply conditions and installation requirements.

In an maintenance manual, the chapter must include the defined maintenance philosophy.

This table contains all the recommended topics specified by the applicable standards. When more than one manual is created to describe a specific product, the topics must be distributed or reused.

Important (*3) x x x x x
System description x x x x x
System diagram x x x x x
System units - - x x x
Scope of supply - - - x x
Network security (*1) - - x x x
General supply conditions (*1)(*2) - - - x -
General installation requirements (*1)(*2) - - - x -
Maintenance philosophy (*1) - - - - x
Support information (*1) x x x x x

(*1) These are normally standard information that can be reused in all manuals for most of our products.

(*2) In installation manuals, dedicated chapters or appendices are included to provide additional details related to these topics.

(*3) Optional section, used whenever applicable.


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